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Conference Rooms in Bucharest

For organizing a corporate event in Bucharest, Continental Forum offers 6 conference rooms with natural light, modern facilities, comfortable facilities and quality services. Each conference room can be tailored to the specifics of each type of event. Two conference rooms (Eminescu and Eliade) have movable walls and can be divided into 2 smaller rooms.

Among the facilities offered for organizing a conference in Bucharest we can list free WiFi internet, projection screen, video projector, flipchart, audio system & amp; video, IT equipment. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and heating.

All our rooms are equipped with disinfectant and comply with the rules of social distance imposed by the authorities.

Conference rooms







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Eliade A+B703434387090
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Eminescu Hall

The Eminescu Hall is located on the mezzanine, has an opening to its own terrace of generous dimensions and offers access to 2 foyers, where you can organise secretarial activities or coffee breaks. The hall has natural light thanks to the large window overlooking the Palace of Parliament and the People’s Cathedral. The two conference rooms – Eminescu A and Eminescu B – are modular rooms and can be joined. Thus, the maximum capacity reaches 100 people.

In individual configuration, both halls can accommodate up to 40 guests and have an area of ​​60 square meters. The rooms are located on the mezzanine floor of the hotel and are the best choice for classes, workshops, conferences, banquets and cocktail parties. Eminescu Hall is recommended for both corporate and private parties.

Eliade Hall

With a usable area of ​​90 square meters, the Eliade event hall is located on the mezzanine and has access to its own terrace. The hall also has access to 2 foyers, where you can organise secretarial activities or coffee break breaks.

The Eliade Hall has natural light and has a modular layout that allows it to be divided into two smaller rooms, 45 sqm each. Thus, events can be organised for a minimum of 16 people and a maximum of 70 people. The configuration of the hall, the ample space available and the elegant decor, ensure the development in the best conditions of any type of corporate event.

Eliade Hall is also suitable for corporate parties or private events of up to 30 people at the table, respectively 70 people standing.

Brâncuși Hall

The surface of 45 square meters of the Brâncuși event hall is sufficient for the organization of smaller corporate events, with a maximum number of 35 participants. Depending on your preferences, the arrangement of the room can be changed so that all participants can benefit from the right position.

WiFi is available free of charge, and modern amenities will ensure the success of your event.

Celibidache Hall

With a capacity of 16-35 people and an area of ​​45 square meters, Celibidache Hall can host corporate meetings, interviews or small group workshops. The hall has natural light and has all the necessary facilities for organizing a successful corporate event.